Prayer of the Bodhisattva with Mother Mary

430px-Bernhard_Plockhorst_-_Schutzengel Happy Mother’s Day!

Blessings to everyone this wonderful month of May.  Today I share a powerful prayer I practice often that has changed my life and many others who have listened and recited the words.  Although this prayer has been spoken by beautiful souls througout the world, by others who’ve channeled grace and love into the words, today’s prayer is empowered by Mother Mary and will magnetize beauty, health and grace into your life.  My gift to you all – enjoy!

Namaste’ Raven Many Voices

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The Prayer of the Bodhisattva:

If you paid attention to me you awakened and you
Blessed your body, and you spoke
On this day I can build anything.
My temple is a source of power for me.
I bless my temple.

How beautiful my body is, Father, that you have granted to me.  How beautiful and strong are my hands – to hold the hands of others, to hold their faces to give pleasure, to give pain.

How beautiful is my face – soft and easy to gaze upon – gentle and beautiful, to please the eyes of God. To please god expressed as a human that will only understand peace and joy by gazing upon me, – that will be the Shakti.

How beautiful is my voice.
It is soft and melodic and sweet and strong and powerful; carrying with it my Master, and the Master of my Master, and the Masters before him. If you listen carefully, Father, you can hear the voices of all who have walked this path before me. They are all carried inside my voice.

How wondrous is my body, within it I know pleasure and joy.

How wondrous is my eyesight, I can see forever.
The crispness of the green upon the trees, that forever dance in such a color that I might remember the knowledge of what I am.
And they breathe for me and I can see them breathing.

How wondrous that I can hear the world, let me hear more, and let the cries of pain turn into the rapture of joy; for I hear only the highest mantra of God.

How wondrous that I can smell God and taste God. The deliciousness of what it is to be in the body.

Father, today I live only for you. Be my eyes, be my mouth, my tongue, be my hands, my ears, my hair, my fingers, my odor, my breasts, my penis, my testicles, my vagina, my anus, my feet, my legs, my spine, my belly my Hara, my Chi.

I give to you my family, Father, do with them what you will, in the Grace of God.
I give to you my babies, My Father, do with them what you will.
I give to you my life, my friends, my dreams, my yesterdays.

Today I commit to never lament over what did not occur and did occur, because now it belongs to you. And should you dream to lament, Father, – then you will lament, Father.

Today, I can only rejoice. I am only life, I am consciousness.
I give to you my transcendent, because, there in your eyes I can see, and in Your transcendent I am Christ.
I have no goals as a human but to serve You, Father, and so all that I do will succeed with power because you are served in power.
You are served when joy is born. You are served when laughter occurs. You are served when insight begins.
Father, you are served when there is peace and harmony – when chaos blends into a great ocean and becomes food for the life that swims there.

How wondrous is your power, I see nothing terrible.
All who die come to you, I see nothing terrible.
All who live come to you, I see nothing terrible.
All who suffer come to you, I see nothing terrible.
And the burdens of the suffering in my hands, I understand.
How wondrous that you have brought my hands to the suffering, for I can give them peace, and to their wounds, I can give them insight.

How wondrous that I love God. Let me know you only when the last ignorant being has been revealed that we are one. Let me be the last to stand and wipe the tears of the frightened and uplift the hearts of the weary. Let me be endless in my strength.
I see only your wonder. I love only God, therefore, I love only!

Blessed be I, the body I am. Blessed be I, the soul I am, Blessed be I, the Christus I am.
Blessed be I, the Lord God of my being, from which I command now – for the wind to take the whole of my existence and purge from me what keeps me from You, Father. And reveal to me what better brings me to You, Father.

I bless the food that will enter my body. From this day forth it is from your mouth. And as it enters my body, my body is cleansed and purified.

I anoint myself in the name of God. Blessed be I, the anointed one. I am truth, I am vision, I am life, I am knowledge, I am love, I am power, I am certainty, I am journey, I am God. Blessed be I, that in the face of all, I will remember there is only God.

My body is strong that I might serve God. My body is strong that I might greet God, my body is strong. I am young, I am young, I am power.

My Shakti resonates in the power of my Master, and in the power of my Master’s Master, and Masters that came before them.
And the Shakti of my being, the life force of my being generates such enthusiasm for life that all around me grow and change and uplift and see; – and love God.

I am surrounded by those who love God.
I am surrounded by those who love God.
I am surrounded by those who love God.
I am surrounded by those who love God.
I am surrounded by those who love God.
I love God.

And when I walk into the presence of those that cannot remember their love of God, I am surrounded with the awesomeness of the Shakti of my Master.   And such power is my love that I speak no words but their hearts are changed. And then should I speak, I speak their name. I speak of their Heaven and of their God, for I know only God.
Blessed be the Heavens of every man.
Blessed be the Heavens of every woman.
Blessed be the Hells of every man.
Blessed be the Hells of every woman.
Blessed be Heaven.

Naram Brahma – OM OM OM

I am humble and cannot believe you have grated me another day. My faith in You, Father, that I live another day is that someone must know me today, so that they might know You Father, Mother. I am known so that all will know you.

And when the world is quiet and the final rest begins, I pray only, Father, that you remember how much I have loved you. And in that state of love, I will come home to know that
We are One.
So Be It.
This is the daily prayer of a Bodhisattva. Acquire this prayer and pray it daily. It will inspire your life. And the force of my power that I have placed in it will inspire your life. And when you world is in pain, it will call to you those who will inspire and heal your life.

Namaste’  Mother Mary


Standing in the Fire of Love

Grandfather Dragon – The Fire of Love

Welcome change, transformation and swift movement!

Our new year is surprising us all as Divine demands sudden change and release from our old out dated methods of living.  We are all being challenged to dig deep within ourselves not to find our hidden ugliness but another aspect that can be just as scarey to accept, our beauty.  Our beauty is not something we wear on the outside, but a loving heart that loves fiercely,  a power that drives us past what we perceived as impossible and into a new world of belonging where we reveal all of ourselves.  Now that we know what lurks in the dark we find ourselves learning how to accept the beast within.  You are not alone in this reflection of self.  As we come to the most challenging parts of our own evolution the most powerful allies are ready to step into the light and help us.  You may be surprised who shows up now in your dreams and meditations.  Do not fear and push away this help if it arrives in a unexpected form.  Often the guides that come are exactly what your soul needs and is ready to heal a long past that is ready for a fresh start.  An old being of love and wisdom offers his wisdom this month to humanity to heal the old misunderstandings, the old fear and mistrust.  The dragons dream with us and are ready to help.  Are you ready to stand in the flames and become whole today?  Enjoy Grandfather Dragon and his message from the Dragon Council.

Namaste’  Raven Many Voices


Voices from Spirit:  Grandfather Dragon – The Fire of Love

I remember the old days when you called to us.  You blew your mountain horns and rang the bells not in warning but as a call to wisdom that all those seeking truth knew the wise ones, the dragons had come to the call.   We have always guided those beings of Earth Mother.  We are the council of elders ever watching the world evolve, opening the doorways of energy and change.  Humans have called to us many times through the ages and from every island where you call home.  As you changed we showed you loving power, wisdom and balance, we always came holding a mirror of truth to your own challenges.  As you grew in power and confidence we showed you your future and you saw in yourself the lust and greed rising and you become fearful.  You blamed us and chased us away as you raised the axe to the sacred white tree of wisdom and created a world of suffering.  We watched sadly, raising our wings to create the veil between the worlds to protect the world of spirit and beings that could not live with you anymore.  We’ve watched as you experienced the rise and fall of kingdoms, kings and countries.    We came to those few who remembered how to call to us, that could stand before us facing themselves and were not afraid.  But even old dragons like me long to spread their wings again and roam this Earth Mother free on the winds.

We watch you now more than ever.  Your world has changed again and we have ended our long cycle of holding the veil.  We hear the call of the horns and drums to those few who remember the old ways and old councils of wisdom.  We spread our wings touching your conscious minds in dreams, daydreams and art.  We come because you call to us, the wise ones and we are here to help you once again.  Put aside the old fear, the mistrust from an old world that did not want to hear the truth.  Trust instead with your heart, with your ever burning spirit of passion that beats in your heart.  We see the greed and lust starting to fade away and many of you are looking for us with conscious glowing eyes.  We see you facing the beast within and reaching for an understanding that your inner dragons, or demons, are not something you have to fight, but instead something you must accept.  This beast you fight, be it cancer, ego, ignorance or corruption is only you looking back from the mirror of life.  Are you not tired of seeing the world only in black and white, good or bad?  Do you long to be at peace with yourself and in harmony with the world around you?   How can you be I AM when you are not seeing all that YOU ARE?   Stand up to yourself, stand in the fire of truth and see all that you are.  Watch as it blends into a powerful being of light; all that you judge as bad, all that you seek as good combines into a new being.  You are all of creation.  When you see and accept the entire truth of yourself you can respect the perfect symmetry of life within.  It is when we respect self we see and respect all of life around us.  This respect radiates out in all we do.  There is no fear, no doubt and no resistance to life because balance is natural and easy to maintain.

Where do you start little one?  You start today, right now.  Can you hear the horns?  Feel the drum of your own heart beating, calling us.  We are here roaring your sacred name, calling the wisdom within to shine through your confusion to the surface.  Let your fear go, we are here not to devour you but to reveal your true power within.  Reach out to that spark of life within your heart and take hold.  Let it burn bright and clear.  Let that knowing of love and determination fill you.  Hold onto your light with all your focus.  No one can steal this light, no one can put this light out, and it is your divine connection to creation.  This light is within all of us and is what connects you to all of life.  Breathe life onto this little flame, let it grow in your heart.  See your life infuse with loving light flames burning away mistrust, fear and doubt.  Watch as your choices in life become clear, loving and balanced.  And when the roar of love climbs out of your throat know the path being cleared will only take you to the loving future you deserve.  No more hiding your light within my little ones.  It is time to reclaim your power of love within and bring this loving change into the world!

Call to us little ones!  We are ready and willing to help you.  Beware!  What you focus your light upon you create.  It is time to focus this fire of creation to your dreams, your positive changes for your communities and for a new balance within the world.  Your family is all here to help you, are you ready to join in?  Are you willing to blow the horn and face all of yourself?  We are watching, we are ready and the time is now to begin a new partnership on our Earth Mother.

Let the light of love shine!

So Be It!

Grandfather Dragon

Gratitude for Support

DSC_0441 (850x1280)

Whew!  February has been a tricky month with the change of energies, moon cycles and Chinese New Year.
If you’re having a hard time this month, feel like the critical mind/ego is out of control or a little disconnected to your spiritual team – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
With our new co-creation energy taking root into this planet we are being asked to do our part in connecting to our Higher self and spirit guides.  So tell your doubtful mind/ego to chill out, reassure yourself you have not done anything wrong and remember your spirit guides are right next to you as always.

Mother Mary reminds us this month to reach out to our friends and family for help and give them gratitude for all they do for us.  When we are processing and feeling stuck in life, it’s our friends and family that help us to get it out and make sense of the crazy thoughts in our heads.  These are the brave souls that hold space, listen kindly until the early morning hours and know just what to say to make us laugh.  I have so much gratitude for my friends and family that have listened to me cry and rant over the years.  It’s this amazing support that helped me flourish into the soul I am today.  So reach out today for help or even better be that support someone needs today so they can do the same for you.

Namaste’  Raven Many Voices


A Voice from Spirit – Channeled Message from Mother Mary – Gratitude for Support

My Dear Children, when we are faced with difficulty we will often reach out for help. In this vulnerable state we shed our smiles and masks we wear and become the true beings within our souls. Sometimes this process brings to light all the things we do not want to share. The hurt child, the angry spouse, or the fragile emotional being we ignore. When we reveal this side we feel crazy, scared and weak. We often feel guilty for torturing those that helped us and seek to ask for forgiveness. Instead we should thank them for allowing us to process and to be our loving selves. True friends allow us to be bright shining souls no matter how we express our journey in life.

There is a time for everything, and at times we need to forgive ourselves and others for their part in our experiences. When we explode with emotions we often feel like we’ve dumped onto those we love. Yes forgiveness of your own process is important, but more importantly honoring your process in best. Gratitude for yourself to release and grow is so important! Gratitude acknowledges the journey to create what you have right now in the moment. And even if life is crazy this moment, know it will change again in the next moment. Gratitude opens ourselves to move forward to the next step, the next breath, the next moment of love.

Gratitude for others helping you in this process honors them and their ability to see you in your true self and love you deeply. When we reveal our emotions we show others they can do the same. Thanking them allows them to see your love and that you’ll support them if they too choose to process their own journey. In Life we must learn acceptance, love, forgiveness, and gratitude. When we can allow these energies to flow in our lives we become the compassionate beings we desire. My love and gratitude to you my children.

Namaste’ Mother Mary

Time to Wake Up!


Wow this year is flying by!  I know that I’m not alone in feeling strange like everything is changing, crazy dreams and intense energy coursing through my like wild ferrets.  Having my third sleepness night with visions and hot flashes I’d had enough and asked Archangel Michael to explain what is happening to us all on the planet.  So enjoy the insight everyone because it’s a wild ride but knowing it has a purpose makes the journey a little more enjoyable.  Blessings to you, your transformation and all your relations changing too!

Namaste’  Raven Many Voices



Voices from Spirit: Archangel Michael – Wake Up!

Channeled message from Raven Many Voices February 5, 2015

Hello my beloved Earth Angels,
Can you hear it? A tone in your ear, a vibration running through you like an electric circuit or a feeling like something is happening but you can’t quite figure it out? The Awakening is happening to your Mother Earth and all life on your precious mother planet is changing with her. This powerful time is bringing new experiences rapidly into your life and I know at times this can be beautiful and frightening. We are here my loves, your family of Angels. And as a family we are changing with you, transforming and reminding you to take your true form – An Earth Angel. Let us help you navigate this transformation and put your fears to rest as you reclaim your birth right.

Awakening does not mean you are leaving the planet, but instead you are becoming aware of the larger spiritual being you are. You are not just this meat and bone of the body or the one life time. You are a spiritual being of light, love and timelessness. Your consciousness reaches back through time and space to before creation and beyond this dimension to realms of only colors and expression. You are as big as the cosmos itself experiencing the wonder and passion through a physical conduit called a body. For many of you this is not your first rodeo on Earth and through the experiences you have forgotten where you came from. You have forgotten the bigger part of your energy that courses through you now for reconnection.
The bigger part of you is tired of being ignored; it’s time to wake up!

An awakening is this reconnection to your higher self and the integration of those higher frequencies into your physical form. Before your Mother Earth shifted her energy it was believed you would need to leave your physical form to obtain access to this higher consciousness. Part of your agreement to experience the physical life here on Gaia was to become conduits of love and light bringing Heaven to Earth. Your chakra system as you know it is directly connected to your spiritual higher self and the cosmos bringing that energy through you into Gaia. Your loving planet has taken all you have given her and transformed into a new being of love. Just as you are experiencing levels of clearing and release from the past so is your Mother Earth detoxifying, clearing and transforming. Mother Earth is bringing her Gaia self (the higher energetic self of Mother Earth) onto the planet raising her vibration and all beings who live on her to a new level of consciousness.

So what does this mean for you? What one experiences, all will experience. These last few years of energetic shifts, clearing, and sudden changes are shared by not just the planet and humans but all forms of life on the planet. Your trees, stones, animals and fish are changing too. How do you know if you are awakening you ask? You all are awakening! The more aware, present and conscious you are of the world around you, you will notice changes within yourself and your environment. What are these changes you ask?

  • Cravings for change in all parts of your life including shifting your relationships, family dynamics, jobs, living spaces and friendships resulting in wanting to be alone or form whole new relationships with existing groups or creating a new group
  • Empathic gifts become more noticeable or feel like they’ve return from an earlier age
  • Sensitivity to your environment including food, light, noise, smells, allergies, hot or cold flashes and vibrations from cities and construction become overwhelming causing you to change old behaviors and seek new ways of cooking and living daily
  • Physical shifts and detoxification involving intense periods of flu-like weakness, fatigue, sleeplessness or heavy sleeping, digestion problems, weight gain or loss, dizziness and pain as your body releases from not just this life but from all lifetimes of accumulated karmic baggage, ancestral healing of the DNA and a rewiring of all your dimensional energies
  • Desire for self review and connection to your Mother Earth and also your Higher Self
  • Feeling like you are spacey, time flies by or your thoughts wonder to other places and events which you forget instantly as you bounce back and forth between your Higher Self and physical self until the rewiring allows for a even flow (some call this higher self energy the 4th and 5th dimension energy/planes)
  • A desire to connect to all life around you as you feel and experience the presence of the spiritual guides, angels and ancestors around you daily

You are not alone in this awakening my Earth Angels! Reach out to those that will listen so you can share your concerns, hear from others that the pain and fear will pass and rejoice in this new found connection to your world. We admire you humans for you are bringing the heavens of love, light and cosmic creation into the physical form. Know what you do today to change, transform and release from the old assists all beings on this planet. There must be a mass release to receive fully the new consciousness of compassion and insight available now. So give us the Angels of light your doubts, your pain and your resistance so that you can awaken now and remember who you have always been, an Angel of loving light.

All My Love
Archangel Michael

A Time for Love

Happy New Year everyone!   I know after the roller coaster like year we had last year a new start with a new year is just what we all need.  It’s still the quiet winter months here in the northern hemisphere and the full moon of the wolf shines down from the night sky illuminating our inner most thoughts.   This is a perfect time to reflect what you’d like to create in the coming year.

Here’s a simple practice you can start today for the year.  Each time you have something wonderful happen, something you’re grateful for or an inspiring quote write it down on a scrap of paper and add it to a jar.  At the end of the year open the jar and reflect on all the joy that has happened throughout 2015.  By the end of the year you’ll have all kinds of fun, laughter and wisdom to keep you going through the holidays and inspire your dreams for the new year.  You can even add your dreams, desires and goals for the new year and see how they manifested by December 31st.

I know in my jar I’m adding how grateful I am for all of you who read these posts, follow my website and support my work with helping people connect to the Spirit world.  Thank you!  Blessings to you and all your relations this new year and may your path with Divine be full of beauty, wealth and loving grace.

Namaste’ Raven Many Voices


Channeled Message from Mother Mary – A Time for Love

My dear children, today I’d like to talk about the Divine timing and letting go of the punishment surrounding self-doubt. Often when we have an inner knowing of life and events are taking a longer time then planned we jump into a place of self punishment and fear. We begin thinking “what have I done wrong?” or “I’m just not meant to receive this”. Once we begin placing ourselves into this energy we give up our goals and ideas even before they have a chance to manifest. We deserve all we desire in life, but life has its own way of unfolding when the time is right. It is the act of allowing life to do the timing that brings confidence in waiting.

Patience is a practice seldom done, but often needed. If we can learn to be more patient with self, we don’t find ourselves reaching fear so quickly. Everything in life is quick, fast, and in a hurry. Your decisions and actions are no different. But unlike your microwave dinner, some things take time to come to completion or availability. When plans are being slow ask yourself if there is something I’m forgetting? Have I completed all the steps? Do I need to just wait? When we can answer ‘yes’ to these questions then it’s time to be patient.

Now that life is taking its own time, why do we need to punish self? Self punishment is tied to disconnection to love and life. This energy is a way of keeping ourselves from what we deserve. This critical thinking, and sabotage, will tell us we are doing life wrong, that we have caused problems and need to pay penance. There is no ticket taker to life. You do not need to pay to play in life. You deserve all the love and life you desire. The form and timing may vary from what you may like, but we all receive what we ask for. So when this harsh voice begins inflating your fear, ask your self ‘do I deserve love?’ YES my children yes!

Sometimes when we stand at the edge of the water and try to race the waves we get wet. Do as the child when facing fear and the waves of self-doubt, laugh and jump in. Life is not always clean and neat and orderly. Sometimes it’s a big wave that sweeps you off your feet. So be open to life my loves and leave the self punishment at home.

Namaste’ Mother Mary


A Prayer of Gentleness

Santa_Claus_portrayed_by_Jonathan_Meath_4 Happy Holidays!

This has been a challenging year to many of us; testing us to look deeply within ourselves and ask if we are happy with our lives.  Archangel Michael said this would be a year of acceptance and insight.  Boy was that an under statement!

No matter what we found within ourselves I hope you found an equal measure of forgiveness and laughter.  These may seem like two very opposite emotions but when we can truly forgive our folly in life our heart can open to accept the wisdom and laugh at all that we experienced.  This laughter is often full of tears and joy to be done.  Sometimes we can hold onto the pain and memory of an event in our lives so tightly we prevent ourselves from being complete.  To forgive and laugh at ourselves brings us to the end of the lesson so we can start something new and gentle.

In this Holiday season I pray for sweetness, comfort and gentleness to each of you.  May the joy and support each of you have given me be shared onto to you and all your family.  May the light shine bright around you illuminating the Divine within you.

Blessings to you and all your relations!


Raven Many Voices


Voices from Spirit – Channeled Message from Mother Mary

A Prayer of Gentleness


My dear children, as your Holidays begin with light and cheer and you turn your hearts to a new year, what do you see? As a society, you all place so much energy and hope into this time of new beginnings. Desires are set and regrets forgiven as you focus on what the new year can bring to yourself and others. Your prayers and wishes are heard as you all hope for more money, loss of weight, and happiness. These prayers and desires are being answered at a speed never seen on your planet before. In such a time of manifested hopes it is important to remember the most important thing you can do for yourself. Ask for Gentleness.

Gentleness is often found in a loving mother’s touch, helping of a sick friend, or the softness of nature around you. Yet do we see this same gentleness within our own lives? Can we have our blessings and desires answered in a gentle way? The answer is yes my loves. In your busy lives and in the busy world, there is a sense of rush from one thing to another. From fast food, to fast love everything has been sped up to meet each person’s needs. We need our heart’s desire now. But as life has it’s own timing and speed we begin to allow life to flow around us. When we ask for gentleness in our lives all desires are delivered when needed.

How do you express gentleness in your life? Do you know how to be gentle? I’d like each of you to find how you are gentle to self. And how you can be more gentle in both your thoughts and actions. First recognize how you feel about being gentle. For many the act of being gentle is a sign of weakness. Is there weakness in Love? No. Actions of Love are often gentle in that we allow life to flow without force. When you can see how you can allow more loving and gentle actions into your life there will not be a need of struggle. Try practicing gentleness in your prayers, daily routines, and loving of those around you.

Let your struggle of last year go with the new hope of a gentle life. Desires will flow and abundance will continue in a renewed energy of life. Life does not need to be lived at hyper speed to be enjoyed. I hope each of you can find the gentleness within your hearts. Let this new year be both exciting and joyous.

Namaste’ Mother Mary



Staying Connected


Hello Everyone,

October has come and gone by us in a flash of light!  Even with Halloween behind us we can still feel our ancestors weaving in their wisdom and insights into our energy.  With all this transformation energy around us we can feel tired, overwhelmed and anxious.   This reflective energy of 2014 still insist us to review the past while we feel the pull to integrate and change quickly into the future love and light.   I find myself feeling like one of those old saltwater taffy pull machines being stretched, pulled and folded over myself again and again.  To stay centered and balance we need to be in our hearts in the here and now.  Mother Mary has a great article this month explaining how to navigate life from the center.  Enjoy and don’t forget to breathe through all these changes.  When we remember to go with the flow of life instead of swimming up stream like a salmon life can be much easier.

Blessings to you and all your relations!

Namaste’  Raven Many Voices


481px-Sassoferrato_-_Jungfrun_i_bön Voices from Spirit – Channeled message from Mother Mary – Connections of Love

My Dear Children, as our year begins to wind down, or to others get busy with the holidays, we begin our review of the year’s events. Have you noticed how communication and community have played a role in your year? Did you reach out for help from those around you when you have hid alone in the past? Did you share your experience of life unexpectedly with new people or even family? How have you involved yourself in the community? Did you connect with new guides/spirits this year? Have you come to a new understanding in yourself about why releasing the past is so important? Asking these questions helps us to not only see how far we have progressed on this path we walk but also how we are changing together with the energy of the planet.

Making connections to why and how we are connected to life around us creates a reference point to who and where we are. You know the past because it was yesterday and all that you are is the combination of all those collected lessons to form your thoughts, perceptions, and actions now. You know that the future is tomorrow and no matter how you plan, scheme, and wish life will unfold in its own divine way because of past experience and knowing God has its own Divine plan. With this said you can look to the past and estimate the future. But most importantly you can know who and what you are in this moment. These threads of thought to the past and future are much like a spiders web creating pathways or strings connecting to us all.

As we clean up the past releasing old pain, confusion and out dated beliefs we strengthen the webs of the present. When we release expectations of our control of what may or may not be tomorrow we again focus our energy in the moment of now. These connections are important. They are the threads that create life, manifest desires, and pull together all that you have worked on in the past (including past lives) to create this expression. Image if you took a small part of yourself and put it aside connected to each thought during the course of a day. As your day went on you would become whittled down until there was nothing left but all your little pieces divided among all the many thoughts. This is what we do when we let ourselves become off balanced and obsessed with the past and future. It is being centered in the present that allows us to freely be connected to the past and future. By being heart centered you can allow the past to guide your heart with the best decisions and let the future be whatever the best and most loving outcome.

If we understand these connections within ourselves we can then expand these connections to the world around us. We do this naturally every day. When the season changes it is the memories of the past that help us bundle up in the winter from the cold and have hope the warm sun will soon return when spring returns. Nature also reflects this in the changing leaves and migrating birds. Being centered here now supports not only your own energy but all those around you too. Your strength flows and inspires others to release the past and be present. As future judgment is changed a new open mind and heart can surface in whatever home, school or office you focus in. Old beliefs about what we can do change to let us know a new understanding or discover we can do now what was thought impossible yesterday.

So my loves I ask you on this day where are you? Are you in the past wondering why life can’t be like the good old days? Are you fearful of the future and what it may bring? Or are you at peace in this moment knowing you have navigated life to this moment and will continue to be sailing with Divine into that sunrise of tomorrow with ease and grace. Be peace my loves! Enjoy these new connections you are making everyday to each other and to Divine Love that flows in all of you.

Namaste’ Mother Mary